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Vendor and Cost Reduction Services

Direct as well as indirect expenditure which includes the so called  “soft backroom costs” impact directly on a companies bottom line return on sales (ROS). Advantiv offer a range of supply chain management service options to ensure that your costs are interrogated from the point an order is raised to the management and delivery of that expenditure.

Advantiv Procurement Solutions range of programme options have been carefully created to obtain the best possible outcomes depending on the type of cost reduction challenge facing your business.


Programme Options:

Our range of options are flexible to suit our client’s needs and ensure that fees are charged on a retrospective basis so that our client’s cash flow is only ever improved. Our cost reduction solution options are underwritten by our ‘Cost Reduction Guarantee’ meaning that our clients are provided with resource and expertise without incurring any unforeseen costs.

We offer a Procurement Healthcheck as a free of charge introduction to Advantiv Procurement Solutions and our services. This process allows us to gain a full understanding of the complete supply chain needs of our clients in order to identify the key improvement areas for cost reductions.