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Syclo Inventory Manager Software Integration

Advantiv can help you enhance your business processes with more complete, accurate and accessible data.  Syclo's mobile software streamlines workflow and improves data collection, establishing uniformity and consistency among all users.

In an ever competitive market place businesses need to understand where and on what expenditure is used. By doing this a clearer picture of business processes can be understood and changes then made to counteract losses incurred through inefficient activities or inaccurate information.

Advantiv Procurement Solutions work in partnership with Syclo whose software solutions help meet the demand of managing expenditure particularly within client’s stock management processes. Syclo’s Inventory Manager software allows clients to efficiently track movements of raw materials, finished goods, spare parts, consignment stock & more. Advantiv provide these services to clients allowing them to manage inventory levels and avoid costly stock-outs using WiFi enabled devices. Advantiv’s expertise in inventory management enables clients to control costs by reducing shrinkage, expired products & overstocking.

Advantiv recommend the compatibility of the Syclo software as it is 100% configurable and fully integrated with existing ERP, CRM or EAM systems such as SAP, MRO(Maximo), Indus, Oracle and more).

For industrial sector clients, major benefits are gained from the integration of Inventory Manager with Work Manager, the works order management software, whilst planning project and maintenance schedules. The software and it’s processes are proven to substantially improve productivity, maximize data accuracy and lower overall inventory carrying costs