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Stock profiling and Analysis Services

Many businesses have large amounts of capital tied up as stock held on the shelf.

Advantiv Procurement Solutions has extensive experience in offering detailed stock profiling and stock analysis services. Our services ensure more effective stock management, helping to release capital back to the client, improving stock availability and minimising part duplications.

Programme Options:

Critical /Parts Analysis

On analysis, Advantiv Procurement Solutions often find that that clients do not have the necessary coverage of spares to meet the needs of their business. Our extensive knowledge of spare parts enables us to advise on stock holding as well as monitoring new parts lists highlighted as “required machine spares” from original equipment suppliers.

Managed Stock

Often stock remains “on the shelf” for long periods without being used, this is not only a costly investment but gives the additional problems that can potentially arise when “old stock” is called upon. Advantiv Procurement Solutions offer a number of managed stock options from Kan Ban, Just In Time Delivery (JIT) and Consignment Stocks which help to ensure that minimal but acceptable and usable stock is held on the shelf.

Stock levels are maintained accurately using Syclo Inventory Manager software and AVS/APS ensure that stock condition and quality standards are maintained

Stock Duplication Studies

Advantiv Procurement Solutions stock profiling services help to ensure that stock is not duplicated by assessing current stock data information and highlighting areas of duplication. This process enables stock reduction to take place freeing up both capital and space. We also make recommendations as to part interchange suitability so that further stock reductions can be realized.