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Advantiv Procurement Solutions

Advantiv Procurement Solutions are specialists in reducing clients overall expenditure and improving the supply chain management processes to improve their profitability and competitive advantage.

In an ever competitive marketplace companies are striving to reduce costs and become leaner. Sales growth has a far less significant effect on profit unlike procurement savings, of which 100% directly impact on a companies bottom line profitability

What We Do

Advantiv Procurement Solutions ensure that your suppliers and systems make an active contribution to your business profits by implementing integrated supply chain and stock management solutions across a broad range of industries and markets sectors.

Our services are based around common commercial processes thus ensuring that they can be equally effective in all business environments depending on the type of cost reduction challenge facing your business.


Business Profit CalculatorAdvantiv Procurement Solutions agree measurable benchmarks with clients, ensuring that the customer has complete clarity of the work carried out and the savings achieved. We guarantee savings without compromising customer’s expectations on quality or service levels, our service option of “no-saving no-fee” offers clients a risk free solution.

Try our Business Profit Calculator to see how our cost reduction services could help your business.